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Big Clucker
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Default Crash on cmd (FCNPC)

=========================== FCNPC Exception Handler ============================
Address: 0x72f1deb0

EAX: 0x0 - EBX: 0x1 - ECX: 0x0 - EDX: 0x1
ESI: 0x0 - EDI: 0x0 - EBP: 0x0 - ESP: 0x12fd94

0x0: 0x7531179c - 0x4: 0x74 - 0x8: 0x0 - 0xC: 0x753117c4 - 0x10: 0xf0502e81 - 0x14: 0x7607c4d0
0x18: 0x74 - 0x1C: 0x0 - 0x20: 0x771e539c

  System: Windows
  SA-MP: 0.3.7 R2-1
  FCNPC: 1.7.3

  FUNC_CPlayerPool__DeletePlayer: 0x466570
  FUNC_CPlayer__Kill: 0x484620
  FUNC_CPlayer__EnterVehicle: 0x484c70
  FUNC_CPlayer__ExitVehicle: 0x484f50
  FUNC_CPlayer__SpawnForWorld: 0x486d30
  FUNC_GetVehicleModelInfo: 0x488240
  FUNC_CConsole__GetIntVariable: 0x48b5b0
  FUNC_ClientJoin_RPC: 0x4918f0

  VAR_ServerAuthentication: 0x4f5fe8
  VAR_NetVersion: 0xfd9

  OFFSET_RemoteSystemManager: 0x33c
  OFFSET_RemoteSystemSize: 0xcb8
  OFFSET_RemoteSystem__ConnectMode: 0xcb0
  OFFSET_RemoteSystem__Unknown: 0xcb5
=========================== FCNPC Exception Handler ============================

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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Crash on cmd (FCNPC)

Change "s[15]" to "s[18]"
Probably won't fix it but worth a shot.
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Default Re: Crash on cmd (FCNPC)

You are connecting an NPC with an empty name.

You create a new variable (cname) but create the NPC before writing something to it.

pawn Code:
new cname[24], npc = FCNPC_Create(cname)
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