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Old 17/06/2018, 04:36 AM   #1
Huge Clucker
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Default spawns not working

Hello, i've made the spawns, im not getting any error.. i've tried placing them on OnPlayerSpawn too, but doesn't work..

public OnPlayerRequestSpawn(playerid)
	if(GetPlayerTeam(playerid) == TEAM_FBI)
	new Random = random(sizeof(teamFBIspawns));
	SetPlayerPos(playerid, teamFBIspawns[Random][0], teamFBIspawns[Random][1], teamFBIspawns[Random][2]);
	if(GetPlayerTeam(playerid) == TEAM_CIA)
	new Random = random(sizeof(teamCIAspawns));
	SetPlayerPos(playerid, teamCIAspawns[Random][0], teamCIAspawns[Random][1], teamCIAspawns[Random][2]);
	if(GetPlayerTeam(playerid) == TEAM_ARMY)
	new Random = random(sizeof(teamArmyspawns));
	SetPlayerPos(playerid, teamArmyspawns[Random][0], teamArmyspawns[Random][1], teamArmyspawns[Random][2]);
	if(GetPlayerTeam(playerid) == TEAM_FIREMAN)
	new Random = random(sizeof(teamFiremanspawns));
	SetPlayerPos(playerid, teamFiremanspawns[Random][0], teamFiremanspawns[Random][1], teamFiremanspawns[Random][2]);
	if(GetPlayerTeam(playerid) == TEAM_MEDIC)
	new Random = random(sizeof(teamMedicspawns));
	SetPlayerPos(playerid, teamMedicspawns[Random][0], teamMedicspawns[Random][1], teamMedicspawns[Random][2]);
	if(GetPlayerTeam(playerid) == TEAM_POLICE)
	new Random = random(sizeof(teamCopspawns));
	SetPlayerPos(playerid, teamCopspawns[Random][0], teamCopspawns[Random][1], teamCopspawns[Random][2]);
	if(GetPlayerTeam(playerid) == TEAM_CIVILIAN)
	new Random = random(sizeof(teamCivilspawns));
	SetPlayerPos(playerid, teamCivilspawns[Random][0], teamCivilspawns[Random][1], teamCivilspawns[Random][2]);
	return 1;

PS: I am not getting any ERROR
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Old 17/06/2018, 06:47 AM   #2
Huge Clucker
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Default Re: spawns not working

Well im pretty sure that they should be under OnPlayerSpawn, but random function seems alright for me.Could you paste the code how you define those spawn positions?
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Old 17/06/2018, 08:43 AM   #3
Big Clucker
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Default Re: spawns not working

Use SetSpawnInfo
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Old 17/06/2018, 08:48 AM   #4
Huge Clucker
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Default Re: spawns not working

OnPlayerRequestSpawn returns SpawnPlayer on returning 1 and returning 0 wont SpawnPlayer, therefore using SetPlayerPos wont do anything here.
try it under OnPlayerSpawn or use SetSpawnInfo.
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