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Huge Clucker
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Default MySQL Connect

How to connect MySQL StrickenKid?
new MySQL:connection;

              connection = mysql_init(LOG_ONLY_ERRORS, 1); 
              mysql_connect(MYSQL_HOST, MYSQL_USER, MYSQL_PASS, MYSQL_DATA, connection, 1);

	if() // What to add?
              // Connect MySQL
              // No connect MySQL
	return 1;
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Default Re: MySQL Connect

PHP Code:
// :: MySQL Database
#define MYSQL_HOST                 "localhost"
#define MYSQL_USER                 "root"
#define MYSQL_PASS                 ""
#define MYSQL_DATABASE             "server"

new MySQLDatabase;

// OnGameModeInit
new MySQLOptoption_id mysql_init_options();
mysql_set_option(option_idAUTO_RECONNECTtrue); // We will set that option to automatically reconnect on timeouts.
Database == MYSQL_INVALID_HANDLE || mysql_errno(Database) != 0// Checking if the database connection is invalid to shutdown.
"Connection to MySQL database has failed. Shutting down the server.");
printf("[DEBUG] Host: %s, User: %s, Password: %s, Database: %s"MYSQL_HOSTMYSQL_USERMYSQL_PASSMYSQL_DATABASE);

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