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Default Looking to help others [Coder]

Hello all, I am finding myself with a fair bit of spare time as of late and I am looking for something to help fill that.

So I am looking to help someone and their team with a project.
I have been writing in PAWN for SA-MP for many years now and I am fairly skilled.

If you are looking for a helper/coder for your project, whether it be bug fixing or writing small systems, send me a PM with some details of what it is you're looking for and why I should choose you.

I will only choose one project at a time, likely the smaller ones, and best thing for you, is I am not asking for anything in return.


Need help with your code or server?
I am willing to help out with your project.
Send me your discord add in a private message along with what you are looking at getting done and I will get in contact with you.
Help Thread
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Default Re: Looking to help others [Coder]

Check out
Discord: Nyze#5841
[FS/INC] Custom Player Nametags
My GitHub
not really into samp right now
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Default Re: Looking to help others [Coder]

I m really thankful to u ur help is needed.. U helpeed me alot and i want more help plz cme discord
Originally Posted by Milton
/* Website developing and Designing at cheap rates, PM ME! */

/* Currently looking for staff / scripting helper! Hit me with a dm on Discord: Milton#0939 */
Originally Posted by !damo!spiderman View Post
You're pathetic. Stand for something that's going to help the world rather than fill it with more hate. Give someone a hug, tell someone you care... Do something, do anything but do it with love not hate.
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