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Little Clucker
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Default [SA:MP] Custom making models tutorials

In this thread I present you tutorials on how to make custom stuff for SA:MP. I'm doing this to make it easy on all the guys out there who have potential and ideas but do not have knowledge. Almost every video here has a youtube description with important notes what must be done. Good luck and have fun with your creations, it is time to reveal all the modelling secrets to the community.

Custom model tutorial

[SA:MP] Custom models tutorial #1 - Making a cube and texturing it

[SA:MP] Custom models tutorial #2 - Texture offset
(textures must be 32*32, 64*64, 128*128, 256*256, 512*512, 1024*1024, 2048*2048,
or any other combination with those numbers. Image with let's say resolution 74*183 will not work)

[SA:MP] Custom models tutorial #3 - Rotation, scale, modifiers

[SA:MP] Custom models tutorial #4 - Faces manipulation & magnet tool

[SA:MP] Custom models tutorial #5 - Exporting model

[SA:MP] Custom models tutorial #6 - Adding vertex paint (kdff and 3ds max way)

[SA:MP] Custom models tutorial #7 - Importing model on server

[SA:MP] Custom models tutorial #8 - In-game model preview

Custom road tutorial

[SA:MP] Custom roads tutorial #1 - Creating roads with spin tool

[SA:MP] Custom roads tutorial #2 - Adding texture & building (transfer uv)

[SA:MP] Custom roads tutorial #3 - Advanced road connections

[SA:MP] Custom roads tutorial #4 - Roads with nurbs curves

In-game road preview (not nurbs curves method)
In-game road preview (nurbs curves method)

Custom terrain tutorial

[SA:MP] Custom terrain tutorial #1 - Sculpt mode (without roads)

[SA:MP] Custom terrain tutorial #2 - Terrain with road

Editing existing GTA San Andreas objects without losing their lighting

[SA:MP] How to edit GTA San Andreas object without losing it's lighting

Custom glass tutorial

[SA:MP] How to make glass object

Custom lights tutorial

[SA:MP] How create custom lights

What can't be done

Mirrors and road reflections are created in the game file cull.ipl
Object animations also require editing game files.

If you have any questions I would be glad to answer them. Also feel free to suggest a tutorial video topic.

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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: [SA:MP] Custom making models tutorials

Nice! Hopefully this can inspire more people to help drive the future of the DL branch.

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Default Re: [SA:MP] Custom making models tutorials

Awesome dude! This will help a lot people
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: [SA:MP] Custom making models tutorials

Thanks. Added new tutorials, custom roads tutorial and custom terrain tutorial.
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: [SA:MP] Custom making models tutorials

This should be pinned!
Thanks for your effort dude, appreciate it!
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Default Re: [SA:MP] Custom making models tutorials

This looks really good. You've helped a lot of people for sure.
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: [SA:MP] Custom making models tutorials

Great work, appreciate it!
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Default Re: [SA:MP] Custom making models tutorials

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Big Clucker
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Default Re: [SA:MP] Custom making models tutorials

cery vool!
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Default Re: [SA:MP] Custom making models tutorials

This is very good, thanks for sharing with us.
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